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Project Description

Chrysalis is a lightweight framework to simplify development of Windows Phone 7 Silverlight applications. It focuses in particular on managing the lifecycle of the application, and simplifying access to the capabilities of the phone.


The Chrysalis framework aims to simplify the development of Silverlight based Windows Phone 7 applications. Whilst other presentation patterns may be used, it is predominantly designed to facilitate the use one of the many flavours of the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.

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Current Features

  • Allows the ViewModel to easily manage state between tombstoning events and navigation.
  • Allows the application to manage state between tombstoning and application restart.
  • Simplifies calling and retrieving data from the phone's various choosers (e.g. contact data, photos, ...).


Anticipated Feature List

  • Transparently captures and restores UI state such as control focus between deactivation and activation so you don't need to worry about it.
  • Provides the basic infrastructure for commanding to enable the UI to perform actions on the underlying ViewModel.
  • Allows the MVVM standard commanding pattern to work across the phone's interface.
  • Provides simple access to phone hardware in a Silverlight centric fashion (wrapping the underlying XNA calls).
  • Includes advanced navigation to allow easy implementation of more complex interfaces (e.g. login-screens, custom choosers, ...)

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